Créer un lieu créative et imaginaire dans un environment rural. Chaqu'un son endroit a lui mais avec d'autre créateurs a proximité. Ici les animaux font parti de la famille.  


To create a place in a rural environment where makers from different backgrounds unite. Everyone his own place to stay and work but with other creators at walking distance. Not online, not half an hour drive away, not imaginary, but next door. Where animals are part of the family and kids can grow up in a friendly, inclusive and imaginary place.


Een plek in het groen waar 'makers' uit verschillende richtingen samenkomen. Ieder zijn eigen werkplek maar met andere 'makers' op loopafstand. 

We are makers

Imagine un endroit ou tu puisse creer. Un lieu artistique et innovative dans un environnememt rural ou tu peut  explorer, cree ou innover, ou tout simplement soyer. 


Imagine, a place where you can create, where imagination and friendlyness go hand in hand. Where you are free to explore, whether you're a creative, innovator or artist.

Come join us and create your own world.


Stel je voor een plek in het groen, waar fantasie en vriendelijkheid hand in hand gaan. Een plek om te experimenteren. Voor creatieven, uitvinders of artiesten.


Our Offer

Pour tous qui cherche a sortir leur cadre conventionnel, d’innover ou de simplement crée, nous offrons des espaces. Le lieu sert comme un ´lab créative´ ou chacun travail à son projet individuel (pièce de théâtre, construction tiny house(s), spectacle etc).  Il y a un atelier, un grande grange, un piano dans un piece chauffé (30m2) avec un parquet en bois et surtout beaucoup d'espace.


We offer workspots. There is a workshop, a big barn with high ceiling for special projects and  a piano in a heated room with a wooden floor.  You can stay in one of our accomodations or bring your own.                       


Wij bieden werkplekken aan in een landelijke omgeving.  Er is een werkplaats en een grote schuur, in een verwarmde ruimte met houten vloer staat een piano. Je kunt in een van onze accomodaties overnachten of je eigen slaapplek meenemen. 


WHAT créatives sAY


“I recorded several new pieces during my stay here. The combination of doing physical work on the land during the day and playing the piano in the evening helped me compose" 

Hans Vermunt



“For the first time I was alone in nature without being afraid. Here you can be alone without feeling isolated. The beautiful scenery is a perfect decor for filming”

Cecile Janvier

- Film maker- 


“As a designer, good Internet is important for me. I 've overcome my fear for horses in a very natural way. This place is unique and I hope to come again some day soon”

Tein Lucasson 

-Graphic designer-



Les Sauges wants to be an easily accessible and self-organised space. We are a very simple organization and we like to keep it that way. This means, no regular meetings, no staff, hardly any rules or guidelines. If needed decisions are taken based on concensus where one voice equals one vote and no-one being really against the (to be) taken decision. If you have an idea or you want to do something that is alligned with the project it is almost always ok, as long as you can organise and execute it yourself. 


Prices are 15,- euro per night if you bring your own sleepingfacility like campervan or caravan and 20,- euro when you sleep in one of our accomodations and 350,- euro for one month. It does not include meals. If you are completely autonome and want to stay longer, you can rent a 'place' for 250,- per month. 

Les Sauges is a private initiative and is not sponsored or subsidised. 

Internal rules

To make it happen for all we work with only 2 basic rules:

1. Everything is allowed as long as it does not bother others (including the animals who live here). 

2. Leave no traces in the shared area's; clean behind you when you are not using it. If you have a dog it is your responsibility to get rid of the droppings.

Would you like to help? Your donation helps us to  further develop Les Sauges as AIR (Artist in Residence)